Emma Fisken or as you may know her Reverie De Paris. Or as I know her flatmate, bestie or croccy (it’s a long story and to be honest I’m not sure where to start)! We thought it would be a good idea, to do a wee Q&A section to get to know the “girl behind the blog” This idea came up after a few glasses (bottles) of prosecco but nevertheless it was hella fun!


The interview started on a cold Sunday night, while watching a moving episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” (I mean the girls boobs would not fit in her dress – NIGHTMARE) Anyway, I digress…

We wanted to showcase the real RDP and started with a section all about the “girl behind RDP” … Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Emma Fisken.

Question One – Tell me three things about yourself

I was waiting a long time for this answer…. But in the end I got the following answers. Prepare yourself people!

“I like dogs, I grew up on a farm and I don’t like the colour lilac”

After knowing Emma for just over six years I am confident in the first two answers. However, the statement about lilac I have an issue with. I remember the days when my fair flatmate rocked a lilac Topshop top. She would wear in out dressed up with a skirt or to Uni with a pair of jeans. Remember that RDP?

Question Two – When are you at your happiest?

“When I am in a place that’s not too busy but with a buzz with live music. When I am in a good mood with friends, having a good time with no one worrying about what boys say about them. OR my other happy place would be in bed with nowhere to go chilling with my favourite TV programme and Netflix”

I am in total agreement with Croc (get used to the nickname, its gonna happen). You cannot beat a night with your pals, in a nice bar, with good drinks and a handsome man playing guitar to some of your fave songs. But you also need a full day in your bed caching up on Grey’s Anatomy, drinking tea and eating biscuits….. It’s not just me, right?

Question Three – If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

*DISCALMER – I told her before this question she could not say me, which is why she never. If she could she would totally be me, cause who wouldn’t – follow me @emmaaila on Instagram and Twitter for more bants*

“Who would I be… Barack Obama. Just to be able to see inside the White House, different cultures. But more importantly I would be a man and I have always wanted to see what it was like to be a man. I mean who wouldn’t”

So after that insight into Emma Fisken you gave a taster of her weird and wonderful personality. She really is the best person to be around. It is rare to find someone who just gets you and is as weird as you are…… Next we talk about what started RDP and how Emma got into blogging.


Blogging is not always a part of Emma’s life I have known. I remember the day she sat me down and told me she had a blog, it was all very dramatic. The unveiling of Reverie de Paris. I did always know Emma was creative but he had this whole other side of her life that she had hid from people. I do not know why she would hide such a big part of her life but I get that blogging is a space where you can say whatever you want and maybe you would want to keep that for yourself. I am happy now, Emma is confident to share her blog with everyone. And me as RDP’s No.1 fan (I want a badge for Christmas)

QUESTION ONE – What made you start blogging?

*thinks for a long time and rubs eyebrows* *Emma rubs her eyebrows when she thinks – insider info*

“I like to write and have for a long time. I found Fafinettx3 on YouTube and watched her videos the found her blogs. Since then I have had three different blogs. The blog I started to watch, Fafinettx3 is now a Mum (congrats!). I started my blogging life in 2007 and I still love coming up with content every week. I have been blogging for 8 years and still love it.”

QUESTION TWO – What do you like most about blogging?

“I like coming up with new content and being part of a community. You can learn and develop from likeminded people who are interested in the same thing as you are.”

QUESTION THREE – Where would you like to see your blog in the next year?

“In the same direction as we are going. I am enjoying where we are at just now and hope to buid on the relationships I have developed on RDP. I look forward to developing content that I have on my blog which is different from when I first started. I am not the same person I was when I first started all those years ago and would like to grow with my blog. I also feel that as technology has grown, this has helped my blog grow. My work environment and job has also helped me appreciate and made me more proud of my blogging background.”

So it’s selfish flatmate time. My fave part of having a blogger as a flatmate is the freebie invites. Free tickets to festival opening parties with free gin… HELLO! Of course I also love a lunchtime when I have my new RDP post to read over a cheeky ham hock sandwich from Sainsbury’s.

QUESTION FOUR – Who has influenced your blogging experience and how?

“First of all I would say Hannah Gale. She is just very personable and is always being herself. If she was sent a product to review she would not lie just to save face. She is always honest which I like.”

“I also really like Lily Pebbles. She is also someone who I can relate to as she is always true to herself.

“Another person I would say is Estee La Londe. She has the personality and is cookie, funny and always has good blog posts. I like to think she has similar content to myself in my RDP blog.

“But I have to say my biggest influence is Katherine Power. I mean her surname is enough…. POWER! Katherine owns a media group and fashion, beauty and interior design websites. She is the ultimate girl crush.”

I would like to note after that I made it clear to Emma that she could not state me as one of her influences, but clearly I am! I am the backbone to her brilliance. She just won’t admit it, she hates to embarrass me… sweetheart.

So now you know a little of the Emma we all know and love, just a little, I mean we can’t give you everything at once (SPOILER there will be a PART TWO). Next we are going to give you some famous RDP hints and tips to live your life by.

QUESTION ONE – What are your three best beauty buys?

  1. Bourgois Rouge Edition Velvet

“So basically the whole line. I don’t think I could choose just one shade. They are everything you need from a lippie…. Long lasting, good pigmentation with a good colour choice. Also they are a good price!

  1. Seche Vite Top Coat

“You cannot get this in the shops only on nail related website (insider info) This product makes your nail varnish last so much longer and applies like a gel. The best bit is it’s only a FIVER! Bloody bargain.”

  1. No7 Cleansing Balm

“This is a dream product. It removes ALL make up and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. My skin gets quite dry so this is a great product for me and again it is affordable – especially with those lovely £5.00 off No.7 vouchers we get from the lovely lady in Boots!


QUESTION TWO – What are your three best pieces of fashion advice?

  1. Leggings are NOT and will never be trousers!
  2. If you like it and feel good in it wear it (unless its leggings, see above)
  3. Less clothes doesn’t mean sexy! You can wear jeans and a nice top and be sexy (yeah, you sexy wee thing!)


QUESTION THREE – Where do you tend to go to buy your clothes and why?

H&M you can walk in and come out with three new tops and some jewels for like £40! And it’s great for everyday staples. For something more special I would turn to Topshop, Warehouse, and Mango. I used to love Zara but have gone off in recent years – the manager things I’m fab though! You also can’t beat a bit of High Street buys – River Island and New Look. And for those online shopping nights you can’t beat ASOS! “


QUESTION FOUR – What items do you splurge on?

“YSL! The Faux Cils mascara is THE BEST! Also YSL lippie – Rouge Voulpte. It is very pricey, pushing £30 for a lippy is a bit much but it’s a great colour, pink but not too pink!


QUESTION FIVE – What’s your fashion and beauty must haves for next year?

BEAUTY – “Revolution Highlighter – it’s amazing! It has more pigment than normal powder and perfect for nose, cheeks and eye brows. Check my expert review on RDP http://www.reveriedeparis.com/revolution-make-up-the-baked-highlighter/

FASHION – “Silk shorts. Black, mid-thigh shorts! Would look great with a black cami and velvet blazer. Topshop have a black silk pair with lace detail which I am eyeing up for 2016!”

Okay guys and gals, the final part of the big RDP takeover. You have heard from RDP herself about her fashion, beauty and blogging life but now it’s the main event. The QUICKFIRE ROUND. Cue sweating and sheer panic (how do answering questions quickly do this to us!)

Here goes…


  1. FAVE MOVIE – Some Like it Hot
  2. FAVE SONG –Hungry Heart
  3. FAVE PLACE – High Craighton (no place like home)
  4. LIPSTICK OR LIPGLOSS – Lipstick obviously!
  5. BEST KISS – Ryan and Rachel (okay this was not the answer I was expecting)
  6. FAVE SHOP – Topshop
  7. FAVE BOOK – Jamaica Inn
  8. CATS OR DOGS – Dogs (silly question by me really…)
  9. BLACK OR WHITE – Black
  10. SUMMER OR WINTER – Winter
  11. TAN OR PALE – Tanned (can’t beat a bit of orange round the edges)
  13. PROSECCO OR CIDER – Prosecco
  14. PUB OR CLUB – Pub
  15. SUPERPOWER? Invisibility (straight to rugby changing room please)
  16. TEA OR COFFEE – Tea – all flavours!
  17. KISSES OR HUGS – Kisses (pucker up then!)
  18. BEST DATE – something creative
  19. BOB OR PIXIE CUT – Pixie
  21. CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN OR CAROLINE FLACK – Claudia – HELLO have you seen her hair!
  22. TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM – Instagram
  23. EDIINBURGH OR GALSGOW – *pause* Edin..Glas…Edinigow!
  24. PHONE OR LAPTOP – Laptop
  25. FAVE TV SHOW – *another long pause…..* The Simple Life (LOL) She was joking.

I hope you made it through that dramatic ending, concluding with the big bombshell that Emma prefers Simple Life over all TV shows EVER made…. I think we need to have a long discussion about this babes!

Thanks for reading my guest blog on RDP. Keep checking out RDP for more festive fun and maybe an interview part two, if she lets me.

BYYYYYYE! Until next time my loves.