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The perfect night in

Sometimes a night in is all that is required to make you feel a bit more human. Maybe it’s after a busy week at work, maybe you just fancy it on the weekend. Whatever the reason this is how to have the perfect night in! As much as I enjoy going out, I also really love staying in. There is something really nice about staying in and having a night in during the winter months. Who wants to traipse about town when it’s blowing a gale outside?! No one. The perfect night in can consist of a girly night with your pals or even just kicking back and enjoying some me time. That isn’t meant to sound dodgy. The first thing required for the perfect night in is to get rid of all the make up you have from the day gone by. Cleanse your face, heck double cleanse if you feel like really pampering your skin and then pop on a face mask. I really like using my Neutrogena 2 in 1 wash and mask to make my skin feel clean and fresh. Plus there is no horrible tight feeling when you apply it.

pamper night

Next up is a bath. Hop in to a hot bath, maybe put a hair mask on and just relax. I love reading my book in the bath because essentially there is nothing else you should be doing well apart from washing but you need to allow the heat to do it magic. Bubble bath is a staple for the perfect night in – what is a bath without bubbles?

After you are squeaky clean or you have just got rid of all the make up and are feeling fresh it is time to hop into your jammies. Nothing says perfect night in more than a matching jammie set. Get them on, maybe pop a bed sock on too and get yourself settled on the couch. No night in should be done with a little G&T. My favourite gin if Bombay Saphire so I like to have a little nip of that when I am trying to relax. To keep you occupied between sips of G&T and probably some snacks – I love homemade gucamole and pita crisps find out how to make them here – you will need a book, TV programme or film to keep you entertained. Some of my favourites are below.



Agathe Christie Poirot – any of them! // Parisian Street Style Colouring Book // 642 Things to Write About

TV Programmes

Peaky Blinders // Narcos // Blindspot // Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Love Rosie // Calamity Jane // Midnight in Paris // Breathless

After all of that you will probably be ready for bed feeling super relaxed and clean as a button!

What do you like to do on your perfect night in?