Collection Lasting Gel Colour


Adding nail polishes to my collection is a bit of a guilty pleasure if I am being honest. Always on the hunt for a new holy grail polish, I came across the Collection Lasting Gel Colour in the stand of Boots one afternoon.

Since picking up my first shade (I can’t remember which one was my first one) I have added two more to my collection – and will probably add a few more in the near future lets be honest.
The three shade I have are; Vixen Red, Black Jack and Red Hot. Very me colours. After some thought I have come to the conclusion that black, a blood red and a 50s screen siren red are my favourites. Maybe with a few other colours chucked in for good measure.

The Collection Lasting Gel polishes are super affordable for a starting good point. They are also really vivid colours that take two coats max to get a good solid colour along with being glossy and long lasting. There is just very little you can say about these polishes that could be deemed negative. They are just a really wonderful, affordable polish that does the job perfectly.


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