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Recently there have been a few products that I have been coveting that are all from High Street stores and are under £10. Wonderful. As much as I love High End makeup, you can’t beat a little steal from the High Street and there are some really amazing products to be found in the stands at Boots and Superdrug, you can even pick up some great products in New Look, Topshop and H&M.

The High Street really is awash with High End dupe products and you will almost definitely find what you are looking for at a fraction of the price. What’s not to love about that?!

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New Look Pure Gel Nail Polish in Dark Khaki: £3.99

This is one shade that I have never had in my vast nail polish collection and it is actually a really unique and flattering colour that is neutral enough to not clash with whatever you choose to wear clothes wise. It looks just as great with a layer of fake tan in these chillier months as it does with a fairer skin tone and I am sure will be as flattering and wearable when the weather warms up next Spring and Summer.

Khaki is a popular shade for Autumn and Winter 2016 so this is definitely a nice way to get a bit of the trend on the go without breaking the bank on any expensive clothing. It is a very unique nail polish colour and definitely one I would recommend not only for the colour but also for the lasting power of these polishes. Plus they are a bit of a bargain at £3.99.

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Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal palette in light-medium: £6.00

When it comes to an affordable brand that is readily accessible Makeup Revolution wins time and time again. I have a good few products from this brand in my make up collection including an eyebrow palette that I use everyday to darken them a little and to give my brows some definition as well as using it as an eyeshadow when I am travelling and don’t want to lug about an eye shadow palette. I digress, we are here to talk about the Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal palette.

Made up of 8 concealer shades ranging from the ultra light which is perfect for highlighting, to medium shades which are great for concealing and correcting then at the other end of the palette you have some shades that are good for lighter skin tones that could be used to contour. For £6 this is a great buy, the texture of the product is smooth and not overly cake-y making it apply easily and cover anything that you desire to be covered. As well as covering all bases – concealing, illuminating and contouring!

Yes to Carrots Rich moisturising day cream for normal to dry skin: £9.99

Skincare is fast becoming a big love of mine and I am forever on the search for the perfect moisturiser now that I feel I have ticked the box for my favourite cleansers. Yes to is a recent brand discovery for me and I am really enjoying the products on offer. My skin is is pretty sensitive and has been known to react with dry patches breaking out and even getting swollen – attractive. I have been using this everyday under makeup or on no makeup days on cleansed skin and it works really well both ways. Your skin feels moisturised, the cream sinks in quickly without leaving you with a film on your skin and the cream works as a great base underneath foundation. You may be worried that the Yes to Carrots line may have a bit of an iffy scent but I can confirm the smell is really inoffensive and pretty much goes unnoticed which may be a reason that it works so well on my skin.

I am enjoying this brand in a massive way at the moment and am really looking forward to picking up a few more products in the near future.

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