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For a period I neglected my hair, I didn’t use products that really worked for my hair or that were over the £5 mark. I would grumble along about how rubbish my hair looked but wouldn’t make the effort to invest in products that would really improve the look and feel of my hair. Then Boots 3 for 2 came along with feeling flush and my love for better haircare was born.

Now I’m not going to bang on about any products that are ridiculously expensive because let’s face it spending £16 on a bottle of shampoo is just sheer madness – to me anyway it is. These products are all under £10 but to me are still a tad on the pricey side.

I have a pixie cut, it is a bit of a longer pixie cut now with more of a fringe than before so styling my hair isn’t the most painful of tasks but if it is done wrong boy oh boy does it look bad. That is one of the downsides of a pixie. Along with regular trims, a good hair oil will do wonders for your pixie and I think I have finally found one that really suits my hair. Along with the shampoo and conditioner made for my locks.


OGX biotin & collagen thick and full shampoo and conditioner

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti Breakage Serum

Urban Fudge Rocker Wax

The OGX biotin & collagen thick and full shampoo and conditioner makes my hair soft and shiny while still giving me some volume in my fringe which is what I really want. The volume this creates lasts all day and my hair doesn’t get greasy. The I follow my shampoo and conditioner with the OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk anti breakage serum. This stuff is bloody wonderful. Literally a pea sized amount onto damp hair is enough to add shine and calm down flyaways. Be careful with this stuff though – too much and your hair will look like it hasn’t been washed since Christmas.

Finally to style ones pixie cut, I pop in some Urban Fudge Rocker Wax. After trying out a number of different waxes over the years the Rocker wax really does tick all the boxes. It isn’t sticky but gives great shape and hold through out the day. Plus it is only a fiver!

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