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Dark Nail Polishes

Dark nail polish is a magical land. It is up there with the land of red nail polishes but I think deep down, my heart will always belong to the dark side. You can always count on a dark nail polish to be super flattering – given you get the perfect shade – and will always look put together without looking like you’ve tried too hard. What more could you want from your nail polish choice?

When it comes to nail polish I like to keep it pretty High Street based with my splurge brand being Essie simply because you can’t beat the Essie colour range and the staying power of those little bottles of joy. So I am afraid you won’t be finding any Chanel polishes in these here parts because I just can’t justify spending £20+ on a nail polish. Sorry folks.

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Essie ‘Luxedo’: A plum-black shade that I wear constantly. It appears black in some lights but offers a little less harshness than a true, full on black. I am forever repurchasing Luxedo because it is just a staple range. Read more about Luxedo.

L’Oreal Colour Riche ‘Grenat Irreverent’: I’ve wanged on about my love for the colour riche nail polish line before so I won’t bore you again. What I will say, is that Grenant irreverent is a beauitfully deep plum undertoned nail polish that lasts forever and a day. You can read more about the colour riche range here.

Nails Inc ‘Midnight’: This one is a deep, dark midnight blue that is super flattering and looks almost black in some lights but has more depth than a true black polish.

Rimmel 60 second super shin in ‘Black Out’: The classic jet black nail polish. Do frills or fuss, just 100% black. A bit gothy and a bit Kate Moss – basically the best mix ever.

What are you favourite dark nail polishes? I am forever on the hunt for more to add to my collection – I 100% do not need anymore dark polishes…


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