Do you dress like a woman?

” Trumps point of view is extremely outdated and speaks volumes as to the type of man he is”

Unless you have been living under a rock you will be well aware that Donald Trump has become the 45th President of the United States and has not wasted any time in continuing to voice his racist and sexist opinions at every opportunity. Much to the Internets anger, if you go on any social media platform in the past 2 weeks you will be met with a whole host of heated commentary on the reality-star-turned-president opinions. Who would have thought that would ever be something I would type?!

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The more recent of Trumps ridiculous statements is that he wants his female staff to “dress like females.” This, naturally, led to some really witty and cutting tweets highlighting the ridiculous nature of the statement. Dress like a woman? So get up in the morning and get dressed. Done. Oh no. Trump is of the opinion females should wear dresses and all staff – not just the females – should be “sharply” dressed. The second comment, fine. In a business environment there should be a level of professionalism in your attire which is entirely dependent on the industry you work in. I work in an advertising agency so we do lean a little more to the casual side of smart-casual but when I go out for a drink near Edinburgh’s finance district I am met with a mass of smartly dressed bankers donning suits as far as the eye can see.

#dresslikeawoman  went wild trending on Twitter, as expected. Users posted photos of females in operating theatres, soliders, Policewomen pretty much every single occupation you could imagine. All women, dressing as women. Highlighting the fact that being a female and being feminine comes in all sorts of shapes and forms. I may have ‘boy hair’ but I am still a female because I have chosen to opt for something shorter doesn’t mean that I am removing the fact that I am a women. One of the most important points that came from this Twitter trend was that a large majority of people don’t agree with this out of date thinking that is plain misogyny. By not wearing a dress doesn’t make the women any less, you would presume that in 2017 this wouldn’t make the slightest difference. Sadly there are still individuals that believe this viewpoint to be true.

When it comes to a workplace, your attire shouldn’t dictate the respect you get nor how much of a specific gender you are. Unless you are wearing something completely inappropriate for your place of work, there can’t really be much to any comment made based on your choice of clothes. Even if it is deemed inappropriate , the opinion doesn’t come down to how “female” you appear. If I feel more comfortable and confident in trousers who does it really effect in the grand scheme of things? No one. If you are feeling your best then you will outwardly express a more positive mood.

In my opinion, Trumps point of view is extremely outdated and speaks volumes as to the type of man he is. The fact that the females are no doubt educated, qualified and intellectual women doesn’t come into it – they have to dress the part in order to be of full value to him and his Presidency. It will no doubt be deemed fake news.



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