Doing something for yourself makes you selfish?



We have all heard it when you say to someone that you are going to lose weight, get a new job or move home and you are doing it for yourself, you instantly become selfish. She is only doing it to satisfy herself, she hasn’t thought of anyone else. Is it selfish though? Take a toxic relationship, for example.  Is it selfish of a person to decide enough is enough and walk away rather than investing anymore time or energy into trying to fix it. Let’s face it, it probably isn’t working and it is probably just adding to the pressure you are feeling about how your life has to be ‘perfect’.

With Social Media and traditional media putting a huge amount of pressure on young people to have a life that is picture perfect or to be in your mid 20s and hugely successful it is no wonder that people are starting to become more open about the fact that they are doing things for themselves. Why does this make it a selfish act though? Sometimes doing something for yourself is the best move you can make. This way you aren’t depending on anyone else to get towards the end goal and you are taking something and making it happen because you either want it to or lets be honest you need it to happen.

So why does is it a selfish act? What makes doing something for yourself a bad thing?

It could be down to jealously. It might be a different outlook and perspective on life and how things should be done. I think it is quite sad when a female takes this opinion of another female. What happened to supporting other females? In my opinion, doing something purely for yourself that you will gain from and maybe even grown from is an amazing benefit of being in your 20s in 2016.


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