Essie Mint Candy Apple


Minty nails have never really been I thing, generally I opted for a red toned polish or dark. A pink sometimes if I am feeling adventurous. That was until I met Essie Minty Candy Apple. This polish is a beautiful mint green that applies in 2 coats to match the colour in the bottle without being streaky. Winning.

This shade is perfect for the Spring and Summer months, it is nice and bright as well as looking really fresh. A good egg all round really. As with all Essie polishes that I have tried the lasting power is incredible bar a few chips at the top of my nails from typing at work, this polish is not for budging until you want it to go. £7.99 might be a bit much for a nail polish but the quality really does shine through and the selection of colours Essie has to offer is incredible. The perfect Spring/Summer shade.



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