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Fashion: Leopard print coats for Autumn

Autumn is here in all it’s glory. I know, exciting isn’t it! This season is the time to get your coats out of the back of your wardrobe and prepare to brace yourself for the windy, chilly weather. There is no better way to go about keeping yourself toasty then with leopard print coat.

Leopard print is one of my all time favourite prints and true be told I probably have too much of it in my wardrobe but nevertheless I am still very much considering adding a faux fur leopard print coat to the collection. Lush, I know. The High Street is awash with leopard print coats from short faux fur ones to wool ones with a nice little stop off at a long faux fur version. There is a leopard print coat out there for you, no matter what you are after. Trust me.


River Island Cream Leopard coat

Topshop leopard print coat

 ASOS Swing Coat in Leopard Faux Fur


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