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Fashion: Zara City chain bag

On the 31st it is my 27th Birthday! The big 2-7. I am actually really looking forward to it, birthdays are one of my loves both my own and others. How can you not have fun at a birthday? Every year I like to treat myself to a little birthday present to myself because why the hell shouldn’t you?! This year I wanted to get something a bit special, not for any particular reason, I just did. There was the usual um-ing and ah-ing over whether I should actually spend the £90 but I figured I work hard and I had saved up some money so why not!

Ladies and gents I present you – the Zara City chain bag *heart palpitations*

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Zara City chain bag: £89.99

This bag is beautiful. It is a really buttery soft leather that is well structured and has great details. The leather is a mock croc effect and the chain detail and handle add a really nice touch. The chain does make the bag a little bit heavy but it doesn’t make it uncomfortable to wear at all. If you have been um-ing and ah-ing over this bag for a while, my advice would be go and buy now right now!


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