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This week has seen a bit of a spike in my favourite products. I am a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to products but for whatever reason I have discovered a few amazing products. They are all affordable and easy enough to pick up in your local Boots. Nothing says accessible favourite more than available in Boots!

Seche Vite Top Coat

Nail polish is one of my loves, you can’t beat a beautiful nail colour in a perfect shade but working on a computer all day does chip away at the polish. After reading up on good top coats, I decided to opt for the Seche Vite Topcoat. Oh boy, is this stuff good. Not only does your nail polish last longer it looks super super glossy and like you have had your nails done in a salon. I opted to pick mine bottle up on eBay rather than pay the £11 asked for on some of the other sites but that is entirely up to you of course.

Soap and Glory Dr Spot

I have had a bit of a made break out recently, I mentioned another Soap and Glory product in this favourite product posts here. Dr Spot I bought alongside the mask and this product really does fight localised breakouts. The gel targets the spot, calming it down and drying it out. It does make the area a little dry and flaky but with a dab of Vitamin E or Coconut Oil this is kept to a minimum.

Lloreal True Match Foundation in N1 Ivory

Healthy Mix has always been my foundation of choice. I would try something else but nothing really cut the mustard until now. Lloreal True Match is bloody brilliant. A medium, build-able coverage that really does adapt to your skin texture and tone. I have always found L’loreal foundations to be a little bit too pink toned for my skin but not this bad boy. This gives a really beautiful matte without being too matte finish to my oily skin. Affordable and accessible!

OGX Coconut Milk Antibreakage Serum

 OGX products are beautiful, maybe a little pricey for hair products but they work amazingly well and they last forever. I recently picked up the Coconut Milk antibreakage serum and am not looking back. This serum really nourishes the hair from root to tip without leaving a horrible residue. I will say this, use this product sparingly. The first day I used this I used far too much product and ended up with hair like a chip pan which then resulted in a mad dash to rewash my hair before work. When I used the correct amount, my hair felt smooth and soft with a beautiful shine. It really does make your hair look 100x healthier.


What are your favourite products at the moment?


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