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GOSH Angel lipstick



Let’s take a moment to chat about my favourite nude lipstick, it comes in the shape of GOSH Angel lipstick from the Velvet Touch range. An accessible, affordable lipstick that wears really well and the range has a great selection of colours.

If you hadn’t already guest by the above paragraph, I am a super fan of GOSH Angel. Before my love for Angel came into fruition Darling was my GOSH lipstick of choice but I struggled to find this (I have a sinking feeling that it was discontinued) so moved my attention to Angel. This is a pink based nude which is definitely my nude family of choice. Although I have tried out a couple of brown nudes, I just don’t feel they work for me. I need the pink undertones. What I love about these lipsticks is that they are really very moisturising and don’t sink into any flaws you may have on your lips. Always a winning factor.At £6.99 Angel is a great everyday lippie to pop in your bag and reapply as and when you see fit.

This lipstick does wear and you do need to reapply if you want a continued colour all day long, a lip liner might be useful under neath to extend the life time of Angel but I am not a massive lip liner user. *Googles nude lip liners* 

I haven’t tried any of the other Velvet touch lipsticks in the range but their are some shades I have my eye on, always needing a new lipstick… I’m sure the other shades in the range are equally as great as Angel.

Have you tried Angel or any of the GOSH Velvet touch lipsticks?



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