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It has been 7 years since I moved to Edinburgh – time flies – and since the 1st year that I have been here I have wanged on about how I would love to do a ghost tour. Already being a bit of a fan of the super natural, a big fan of history and a keen frequenter of pubs when 8 Million Stories emailed asking if I fancied coming along to a haunted pub and ghost tour with Yelp Edinburgh I naturally jumped at the chance!

We started our Thursday evening with the Underground City of the Dead Ghost Tour with the tour company City of the Dead. We met our tour guide, Dave, on the Royal Mile where we got a debrief of what was going to happen on our tour and a history of the Vaults. This was really interesting, I learned things about the old town of Edinburgh that I didn’t know as well as learning the purpose behind the Vaults. Again something I didn’t know.

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“Edinburgh has a dark history of torture, murder and unsavoury crimes!”

Skip forward to being in the Vaults. If I could describe them in 3 words it would be: dark, cold and bijou. Very bijou. You would want to be petite if you were going to have to live in a vault. The tour was a perfect mix of spookiness, historical information and lighthearted jokes from Dave which made the tour perfect. We wanted to be spooked but we also wanted to have a laugh and learn a little something something.

Once we had finished the tour we went to one of Edinburgh’s haunted pubs – very suiting to the time of year. We went to Whistle Binkies and had tables in one of the caves at the back of the pub. Said to be haunted by 2 ghosts named The Watcher and The Imp, Dave got us up to speed on who the ghosts were and the antics that they liked to get up to. With The Imp disconnecting beer pipes and shutting staff in the cold room!

I love a good pub and going to a haunted one is even more exciting in my opinion. Luckily the helpful people at Yelp Edinburgh have pulled together 6 of the best haunted pubs in Edinburgh. I will be ticking them all off my list, pubs have my gin and slim at the ready Emma is coming ghost hunting! You can read about the other 5 (as well as getting more information about Whistle Binkies) in the Yelp Edinburgh interactive map which is really interesting and will definitely get you excited to go out to a haunted pub this Halloween week. The Yelp Edinburgh app is packed full of things to do in Edinburgh as well as a selection of places to eat or drink but first do the haunted pubs. Make it a pub crawl – go on, you know you want to! You will no doubt find me in one donning full Ghostbusters gear.


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