Opinion: Having a interest in beauty and fashion makes you stupid


Fashion and beauty have always been an interest of mine. I enjoy both immensely but that isn’t to say that I don’t have interests out with these two areas. I love books, keep up with current affairs and enjoy working out.The list of my interests isn’t inclusive of the fore mentioned, there are a number of other things I am interested in but listing them would be, well, boring!

When it comes to having an interest in beauty and fashion or showing the slightest inclining of vanity you are labelled stupid, vain and self indulgent. I would never assume that because someone had an interest in beauty or fashion that they must be stupid. That is labeling someone with a female stereo type that is frankly archaic. Then comes the “but you look better without make up” maybe so but I enjoy experimenting with products – why shouldn’t I try a red lip one day and eye liner the next? It isn’t done so that people will find the wearer desirable. There are many reasons that females apply make up or wear fashionable clothes. It isn’t just so people will think oh she’s hot! Both have the ability to transform you into the person you need to be for the day. Whether you need to go in to a tough meeting or face the uncomfortable nature of an meeting with an Ex, you can set yourself up to be able to go into any situation feeling as confident in yourself as you need to. I don’t believe that confidence is only to come from the inside, sure it is important to be confident on the inside but if that red lipstick or cream blazer adds to the confidence then bloody well go for it.

As a person, I would say there are elements of the feminist in me. Not in the direct definition of it. I know I can do the same things as a man (bar the very obvious things like peeing standing up etc) and don’t take the mention that I can’t lightly. There is an element of feminism contradicting itself when females judge other females based on the fact they enjoy spending £35 on a eye shadow palette. If you are wanting to empower women then let them do so via things to make them feel empowered and confident. Rather than bashing them and putting them down. By doing just that we aren’t getting the female gender anywhere.

It is similar to the people labelling a man a ‘yob’ for going along to football matches. Not everyone that watches football has the same believes, behaviours and level of intelligence.Why can’t you have an interest in something without having a label slapped on your head the first chance people get?




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