How to : Home made Hummous

Hummous is one of my favourite dips to have with carrot sticks, cucumber batons or a wholemeal pita. It is just so tasty. Recently I have found myself buying it more and more often so I thought to myself – why not try making my own home made hummous.

There must be all sorts of horrible preservatives in the little tubs of chickpea goodness that we find in the Supermarkets. If I am getting back into eating better and toning up then eating as clean and lean as I can is obviously a good idea and if it is as tasty and yummy as hummous then I’m in!



800 grams drained Chick Peas

2 Garlic cloves, crushed

1 tsp Sea Salt

6 Tbsp Virgin Oil

Squeeze of lemon juice

Paprika (If you fancy it)

Tahini – I leave this out as I can’t eat nuts or seeds


Making Hummous is so easy. Chuck all your ingredients into your food processor. Whizz it about and then once it is smooth pop it into a dish. Add a few whole chickpeas to the top and some paprika or spice of choice and that is it! So simple yet delicious.


Let me know if you give this recipe a shot or if you have any little tips and tricks for making the perfect Home made hummous.


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