How to: Make Guacamole

While out for Mexican food one night, we ordered guacamole and tortillas to start totally missing the point on the menu where it said that the waiting staff make it to order for you at your table. This was delicious guacamole so much more delicious than the shop bought packets I am used to. Feeling inspired by my Mexican dinner delight I thought to myself why not make some guacamole myself at home from scratch? So I did and because I am a stand up member of the community I am going to share with you lovely folk how to make the delicious and super easy avocado based dip.

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The Ingredients

A ripe avocado

Sea Salt

Lime or Lemon juice

Cilantro (if you wish)





The Method

Guacamole is so easy to make and takes literally 5 minutes. Using 1 ripe avocado makes enough guacamole for 2 people. First cut your avocado in half and scoop out the contents into a bowl, start to mush the avocado slightly. Next add in your flavours – sea salt, some lemon or lime juice to cut through the avocados richness, Chile, some red onion and finally tomato. You can also add in cilantro but I’m not a huge fan so missed this ingredient out.

Get back to your mashing and mixing, once the guacamole is the texture you want, I’m keen on a smooth-ish dip with some chunkier bits. It is so simple to make and tastes way better than shop bought. I served this batch up with some pita bread crisps. These are also really easy to make, just cut up some pita breads and pop them under the grill or on a BBQ till they are cripsy.



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