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How to: Protein Pankcakes

Since getting back into a healthier way of eating, I have adopted a habit of years gone by – protein powder. When I used to train 6 out of 7 days a week, I would have a protein shake after my workout purely to help my muscles recover. It is good for you too, lets me honest.

Being a bit of a an amatuer cook I am always keen to try out new recipes and I like eating. Protein pancakes have been a bit of a health social media users buzz word for sometime now but finally I have got round to trying them out. Missed the bandwagon when it left the first time.

The protein powder I use is the My Protein Impact Whey Protein in Vanilla and Raspberry – there are loads of flavours to choose from if vanilla and raspberry isn’t your bag. Enough with my chatter and on with the recipe and method!



1 TSP Coconut Oil (I use Olive Oil)

1 1/4  Cups Rice Flour

1 TSP Baking Powder

1/2 Cup Protein Powder

1 1/2 cups Milk – you can use any kind you wish.

4 Eggs

These quantities make roughly 10-12 Pancakes



Heat up your oil in a pan, non-stick unless you want to be eating your pancake out the frying pan. Pop your dry ingredients into a bowl and add in your wet ingredients leaving the eggs till last. Put your eggs in one at a time mixing as you add.

Mix it up really well and et voila you should be left with a smooth batter that isn’t super thick but has some thickness to it. Take about a ladle full of your batter and pop it in your pan and leave it to cook on one side before flipping it over. Once it is cooked on both sides, place your lovely protein pancake on a plate and top with whatever you fancy!


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