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It’s OK if #10

Another It’s OK if post. The post that lists things it is OK to do even if we are a little shy of admitting it!

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…you have one glass of wine on a Friday afternoon in work then decide it’s a brilliant idea to get totally off your face.

…falling asleep with your make up on is a habit you just can’t seem to shift in your mid 20s. Every now and then is fine but the rest of the time you know you need to follow your 3-step routine.

… binge watching Made in Chelsea forms a large part of your Saturday. Binky, how you so tanned?! Also what lip colour do you wear?

…black jeans make up most of your outfits. So versatile.

…you read the person in front of you on the buses text messages over their shoulder. It’s interesting to know that she really misses Dave and can’t wait to see him.

… shaving your legs is a bi-monthly event. Who has time for that? There is internet shopping to be done.

… that you have developed a very strong addiction to Snapchat. Everyone finds my baked eggs for lunch an interesting update, right?

… the moment you get in the house after work you get into your comfy clothes. Leggings and big jumpers all the way.

… you have a very strong love for black eye liner and can’t actually stop buying more because well you need to have┬ámore.

… your most used emoji is either the cat with love heart eyes or the gun. Standard.

…you feel the need to stay in of a Friday night and speak to no one. Some say anti social, others say a wise move.


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