It’s OK if #12

Another month, another edition of It’s OK if. Everyone enjoys an It’s OK if,yes? Right?

If you are new to these parts let me explain what It’s OK if is all about. Basically it is a list post that details things that we all do that we are a little tiny bit ashamed about admitting when really it is OK that we do it.


It’s OK if

… you seriously question how much you would hate being a cat lady after 20 minutes on Tinder and 4x wanna come to mine messages.

… spending time with your bestie sounds way more appealing than going on a first date of a Tuesday evening.

… by the time Spring rolls around you have to pep talk yourself into actually shaving your legs.

… getting through an entire working week without a cheeky glass of prosecco or a G&T is an achievement.

…every time before you get your period you have the fear that you may be pregnant.

… you know that baggy tops don’t suit you but you still wear them day in, day out. A girls got to be comfy, right?

… fake tan makes you feel like you have your life together.

… sometimes when Uncle TOM is in town, you just want to lie down in a darkened room and look at a picture of Ryan Gosling. He makes everything better.

… you go out for dinner with the best intentions of having a healthy meal, only to end up ordering a burger with chips and a side of onion rings. Delish.

… you end up in Waitrose on the hunt for cystitis medicine of a Sunday AM with last nights make up down your face and meatball sauce on your jumper.



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