It’s Ok if… #4


… to not put headphones in on the bus because people are having an interesting conversation a few seats back. Even if you are only hearing one side as they are on the phone. Still good listening.

… to pretend you are in a music video when you are singing along in the shower.

… that you paint your nails more times in a week than you go to the gym.

… to binge watch your new favourite YouTuber, I just want to be her *sigh*

… when you get a dispatched email from ASOS that you check the tracking every hour to see when your parcel of delights will arrive.

… to spend most of your time in the bath reading a book rather than actually bathing.

… to watch TV in your pants when no one else is in. Comfort is a must.

… to change your bed and then instantly get into it. Ahh clean sheets.

… to not answer the door because you aren’t expecting anyone or a delivery. Stranger danger.

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