Jamie’s Scottish Evening, King James Hotel

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So on Tuesday night myself and some other Edinburgh bloggers were invited along to Jamie’s Scottish EveningĀ held at the King James Hotel on Leith Street. This was the first blogger event I had ever been invited too so naturally I was pretty excited about the prospect.

On arrival, we were given a little tour of the King James Hotel which is part of the Thistle Hotel group before having a little sit down and natter in the hotel bar. Hello G&T, don’t mind if I do. The hotel bar is for guests, as you would expect, but it has a very much pub like feel to it with the big bar which is something I liked purely for the fact that I love pubs!

On to the actual event.dancing stillhaggismusic

So Jamie’s Scottish night is a as you would guess a Scottish night that runs March through to October every year. It is the ultimate Scottish experience featuring songs, dances and plenty of Scottish Food. The 4 course dinner was tasty; I opted for Soup, the Salmon and then cranachan before having a little taste of Haggis after it had been toasted too – naturally.

soup salmon beef desert

The entertainment was upbeat and lively which really got the tourist heavy crowd going. The audience was a wonderful mix of Americans, Canadians, Australians and Koreans. Oh and the table of Scottish girls taking photos of everything!


This is definitely one for the tourists coming to visit Bonnie Scotland or those with a strong love for Scottish music, if that is you then trust me that you will be in your element with this evening.The evening finished off with everyone joining in for Auld Lang Syne which was a nice way to end the evening.

Find out more about Thistle Hotels here

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