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January Favourites

The first favourites of 2016 is here, can you believe it? The first month of the year is done and dusted. January always seems like a total drag of a month but this year it didn’t really feel that way. I mean the dark morning and nights are getting a bit tedious now but we are a hop skip and jump away from Spring. Yay! Bring on the flat shoes. This month hasn’t involved a great deal of shopping after the booking of flights to Dublin at the beginning of the month and an unexpected bill it was a crazy frugal month. This has led me to actually take a proper look at the things I have and make use of them rather than thinking that everything has to be brand spanking new.



Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07) wasn’t my most used lipstick of the shades that I own from this range however since I started wearing more minimal make up – read 6 benefits of this here – I felt like this was a good staple, everyday shade to wear. It has quite a lot of pink undertones but not overly pink because nobody wants that. These lipsticks are incredible. They dry to a long lasting, matte finish that isn’t drying. It wears really well, leaving you with a nice stain on your lips rather than a yucky patchy mess. One layer of Nude-ist gives you a really simple everyday nude without the concealer lip look or if you fancy a stronger shade then you can layer up for a more intense shade.

Next up was a gift with purchase that turned out to be a bloody brilliant gift with purchase. The Mega Volume Collagene Mascara from L’oreal is a dream mascara. It coats the lashes evenly and in an intense black formula that give great volume and lift to the lashes. It is also really long lasting which is a major bonus for a ‘drug store’ mascara. It is pretty affordable but it is a little teeny tiny bit hard to get hold of in Boots which is weird.

In terms of fashion favourites this month, I have been keeping things pretty darn simple because it’s too cold and layering is the only way forward. Things have been kept pretty simple with some low heeled New Look black ankle boots. These little babies for only £20 and have seen me from wet November days right through to some frosty January mornings. For that price what more could you ask for really? They go well with jeans, skirts or dresses and are super comfortable. Similar boots for a fiver more here.

Another favourite has been the Topshop handbag my big brother kindly gave me for my Christmas. It is the Studded top handle tote which I featured in among my Christmas fashion post earlier in the month. It is a right pretty bag this one. With bags, anything too big just doesn’t work for me. I end up just chucking rubbish in that falls to the bottom and doesn’t see daylight for weeks. The shape and size of this bag is perfect for that not happening. It keeps everything in an organised and tidy manner without the room for me to throw in odds and ends that really don’t need to leave the house with me.

This feel like it’s been a really short post but to be honest these have been my favourites for this month. I could lie and stick in other bits but that wouldn’t be honest so just 4 favourites in the January Favourites post! What have been your favourites this month?




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