Judging self-care habits

As of late there has been quite a bit of chatter about self-care.

From people sharing their tips and tricks to people expressing why they feel ‘do a face mask, have a bath and an early night’ aren’t self-care habits nor tips to indulging in a bit of me-time. I disagree.

Why do I disagree?

Well mostly because I am of the belief that self-care habits are a personal matter and the level of self-care you need to give to yourself varies depending on the situation. Sometimes a great sheet mask, a perfectly made gin & slim alongwith an episode of The Real Housewives of New York is exactly what you need to feel like your sassy, most put together self. Othertimes it requires something bigger, more long term that could be a few days or it could be a few months. It could even be as simple as getting up in the morning at a reasonable time, having a shower before sitting down to have a good breakfast ahead of a day at the office.

Whatever makes you feel better and more like you are in control go forth and do it, be it a little thing or something that takes a little longer. When it comes down to it, you shouldn’t be feeling judged because of your choice of self-care activity. It is personal and it is important. It can seem a little bit self indulgent from time to time but if you are feeling like you really are in a slump or are low it can be just what you need to kickstart yourself again.

4 Simple self-care treats

Get an early bed

Sometimes getting into bed, in a comfortable pair of jammies and saying night night pre midnight is exactly what you need to feel more grounded. I am a big fan of being in bed by 10pm and I am trying very hard to not be on my phone post 9pm – it is a struggle but I know ultimately that I sleep a lot better if I am not endlessly scrolling through Instagram and instead have read a chapter of a good book before hitting the hay.

Pamper yourself

Be it a face mask, doing your nails or shaving your legs. Do something that makes you feel great. Personally I like shaving my legs, doing a fake tan and making sure I don’t have chipped nails.

Cook your favourite meal

Whether it is a little bit of comfort food or something a bit more expensive that you wouldn’t normally treat yourself too – get something you really enjoy eating. When you are feeling a bit low it can be easy to fall into eating junk but a good, balanced meal will make you feel full and comforted without the guilt.

Keep it simple – take a shower & go for a walk

No one says that self-care has to be extravagant.

It can be as simple as washing your hair and going for a walk to your lcoal park. It can clear your head, centre you and will ultimately make you sleep better. Don’t over complicate it, if you are in a low place with little energy doing the simple things are going to give you a boost like no other then the rest can follow. Be it yoga, a face mask or getting a killer outfit on – just go and do it.

What are your favourite self-care habits?


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