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July Goals

Another month is here. That of course means, new monthly goals. What a thrill.

July already, 2017 is flying by. June was a month of big changes so I’m feeling like July will be a much more settled month. Hopefully it won’t be a as wet as June was towards the end, bring on the sunshine!

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June Goals Round up

The June goals were; be more creative with my blog photography, record all my spends and workout where I can cut back and share bloggers I admire. Read the full post here.

I will hold up my hands and admit that I didn’t do too well in achieving my June goals. It was a pretty disrupted month in terms of how busy I was and the fact I started a new job on the 5th. Basically routine was out the window until I found my feet and cemented a new routine. Blogging even took a backseat. There was just too much going on. Now that I am 4 weeks into my new job and feeling a little more in a routine I am confident that I will power through my July goals – and get my arse back into blogging gear!

July Goals

Post on Reverie de Paris 3x a week

I really feel behind with blogging in June. I was busy and as a result, tired. I just didn’t have the motivation to do with other things going on but I really want to make a consious effort to post regularly.

Take up pilates

My flexibility is poor, very poor and I want to take up something different – step forth pilates. The aim is to get in 2x sessions a week.

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Reading before I go to sleep makes me sleep so much better yet sometimes I find myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and Twitter before bed. I haven’t read a lot during the year and I really want to address that. Therefore I want to get in a little bit of reading every night before bed.

What are your July goals?



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