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June Goals

Listing my monthly goals was a new post for me which started in May  – read the May Goals post here – and it was actually a post that I really enjoyed doing. It meant that I had made myself accountable for my actions as I had told you lovely lot about them and it also meant that I had a clear plan of action for the month ahead. I liked it so much that I have decided to do it all over again, be excited.

In my May goals post I jotted down some tips for setting goals so if you are struggling for ideas then pop on over there before you start to pull together your June Goals.

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May Goals Roundup

Before I launch into my June Goals, it is probably best for me to round up how I got on with the May goals I challeneged myself to.

My goals were to Read more, get serious about running and to blog regularly.

Two out of three isn’t bad. I fell down on the goals that deep down I knew I would fall down on. Running. I have a major love/hate relationship with running. There is just something about it that I loathe but when I actually move myself and do go for a run I feel better. Maybe I just need to keep on pushing myself to hit the pavements?

Blogging regularly I did pretty well with. So much so that I have pulled together a full content plan for June and am working my way through drafting and scheduling all of my content. Reading more I also got better at, I have been trying to read my book every night before I go to sleep because I do find that I sleep a lot better when I do that but I have also been reading more long form articles online and have been picking up more of my favourite magazines when I am chilling of an evening.

June Goals

Become more creative with my blog photos

We all love a flatlay and I am no exception however I feel it gets a little bit samey when you scroll through Reverie de Paris looking for an article to jump out at you. In June, I want to work towards mixing up my photography a little and including my little smoosh on here a little more. Lucky you…

Record all my spends and work out where I can cut back

I have so many things that I want to save for in my head yet I am forever saying I’m skint. Gillian over at Elevator Musik did a post all about her spending diary and has inpsired me to do the same. It will be scary, I will no doubt hate myself for it but if I want to start to save properly for a holiday then it has to be done.

Every week share a blogger I admire

When it comes to highlightin who we admire, love reading and regularly read I feel that as bloggers we can sometimse be a little bit poor at sharing this. For June I am going to share one of my favourite bloggers over on my Twitter account. You can follow my Twitter @reveriedeparis here.

What are you goals for the new month? How do you decide what you are looking to achieve?


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