Keeping your pixie in shape

A pixie cut may take a lot less time to blow dry and style of a morning but it also requires other work to stop the dreaded mullet growing in and to keep the shape. No one wants to look like Rod Stewart circa 1979. Well, maybe you do, who am I to judge???

Having short hair is my thing. I really feel like me with short hair. Plus it gives me the freedom to play about with cuts and colours because, lets me honest, this time next month the current style will have grown out and a new pixie adventure will be on the horizon. In the past few years I’ve had a fringe, had the sides shaved, been blonde then red… the list goes on. Keeping a pixie looking good is essential for short hair.

One | Get regular trims

Two | Take care of your hair with nice masks and oil treatments

Three | If you don’t really need to blow dry it then don’t! Your hair will thank you in the long run

Four | Invest in a good stylish. Even the smallest mistake on a pixie can result in something less than wonderful

Five | Try out different cuts and colours. That is one of the wonderful things about short hair.


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