Kitted out in Topshop

You know when you see an outfit and you don’t buy then then you spend a large percentage of your time just thinking about the outfit? That is what happened to me with this outfit. I had already been lusting after this sweatshirt for a few months and when I went into Topshop on Princes Street and saw it styled on the mannequin with this skirt it was love at first site.


I’m not sure what it was that drew me to the outfit, there wasn’t one thing other than I liked it! It was one of those just go and get it before it’s gone moments. The sweatshirt is super comfortable and soft while being a bit more than a bog standard sweatshirt which is always nice. They do two variations of this one with the orange and one without. In my opinion, the orange really makes the jumper. The skirt is a simple ribbed pencil skirt with slits on either side which adds some detail without distracting from the sweatshirt.

All in this outfit cost me £47 which isn’t ridiculous for a full look from Topshop and two pieces that are as inter changeable as … black jeans?!

Colour Block Sweatshirt with Orange 

Colour Block Sweatshirt without Orange

Ribbed Tube Skirt


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