Lifestyle: The Edinburgh Gin Festival

When it comes to gin I am a bit of a mega fan. It is my drink of choice when I am enjoying a tipple and have become a little bit picky about the gin that I sip of an evening. When the lovely people at The Gin Festival emailed to ask if I wanted to attend the Edinburgh Gin Festival I naturally said yes!


Prior to being asked along I hadn’t heard much to anything about The Gin Festival bar seeing an event invite on Facebook. Founded by a husband and wife that want to share their passion for gin it is the perfect way to spent a few hours of your weekend.The Edinburgh event was held at the Corn Exchange which was a great sized venue for the number of people plus it isn’t a mini trek to get to. Always a bonus.

On arrival, we were handed our Gin Festival 2016 glasses (which now take pride of place in the kitchen next to some lovely bottles of gin – naturally) and our Gin Book. This details every gin that is available on the day and the bar that you can find it at. The gins are broken out into different types so there was a bar specifically offering fruit gins and there was another offering Scottish gins to mention just 2 of the categories. This was great for my friend that was with me as she wasn’t much of a gin fan so we were able to get a fruit gin that she liked and is now actually a big fan of! There is a gin lover in us all!

The selection of gins was incredible, there was every gin you could think and you really were able to find something that you knew you would like and that was maybe a little bit different from your usual G&T. For me, being able to try the Edinburgh Gin Canonball gin was a high point. I had been um-ing and ah-ing over whether to pick up a bottle and was keen to sample it before as it is almost £40 a bottle. The Gin Festival allowed me to sample it along with a good few other gins – some that I had heard of before and others that I hadn’t.

The atmosphere in the event was really great. It was lively and everyone was enjoying themselves with the live music playing along in the background while people searched out their next gin to sample. Alongside the many gins to try, there was also hot food available or a tuck shop if you fancied a sweet treat. All bases really were covered with a selfie pod, a photo booth complete with props and cocktail master classes. Fevertree was the official mixer which was wonderful, in my opinion. You can’t beat the line of mixers from Fevertree especially when it comes to adding it to your gin.

If you are a bit of gin lover or interested in finding a gin that you really like then the Gin Festival would be a perfect event for you. Everyone is really friendly and there is a bit of a party atmosphere which just makes it into even more of a fun day. The event itself is affordable, fun and you really will try some amazing gins that you didn’t even know about before. I for one will definitely be going back for more Gin Festival related fun next time it comes to town.


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