Links #16

A slight name change for this post. I figured I should remove the ‘to read’ from it as the links aren’t always things you can read and a lot of the time the post is made up of videos, TV programmes and podcasts. So in the spirit of keeping things tidy, ‘to read’ is no more and now it is just Links! Thrilling.


I’ve noticed that I am missing a lot of my favourite online places to read articles. Either they are shutting down – The Pool *sobs* – or just haven’t been updated in a while or the content isn’t really of interest to me anymore. This said, if you have any sites that you read on the regular then please let me know!

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Frankie Bridge Open Mind podcast with Mollie King
Antidepressants: Why I tell my friends I’m taking antidepressants by Lauren Geall for Stylist

Dublin Murders on BBC iPlayer

Queens of Infamy: Njinga by Anne Thériault for Longreads

Angela Scanlon’s Thanks a million podcast with Stacey Dooley

Read with Amy on Books set in Glasgow


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