Links #17

Sometimes I find it really difficult to pull together links for a Links post and then other times the links are coming at me from all angles. Links #17 was a bit of a mixed bag. At first there were a few but not enough for a post and then all of a sudden I was finding great content I wanted to share all over the shop! Winning.

It’s like finding a new TV programme to watch, you can’t find anything across the vast numbers of programmes on Prime, Netflix, iPlayer… then all of a sudden there are tonnes of things you want to watch. Such is life.

Last Year’s Girl on why anti depressants are so not a big deal

4 Red lips you need this season from Iridescent Places

The Activist Who Sees Fashion As a Source of Power by Diana Tsui for The Cut

Read More: 3 books to read this autumn

Skincare products & ingredients to get you through autumn/winter from Jasmine talks beauty

Happy Place with Dolly Alderton

Nadine Baggott on The best skin friendly bath products

Angela Scanlon’s Thanks a Million with Pandora Sykes

What have you been reading and loving on the inter-webs recently?


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