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Well hasn’t it been a hot minute since I posted a Links to read post. For whatever reason, blogging took a back seat for about a year – partly due to not having time and I wasn’t in the best of places. Confidence was at a low and sitting down to put my thoughts out into my little corner of the inter-webs just wasn’t something that screamed ‘fill your time with me’. However, I am back and in a better place and thought hey, go share some of your thoughts in your little corner of the inter-webs. So here I am.

Sidenote: I have binged the entire 1st series of Derry Girls in a morning and that first paragraph I wrote saying the words in a Northern Irish accent in my head so I did.

Anyway, on to #10 of Links to read. The articles, blog posts, videos and podcasts I have been loving as of late. Catch up on all Links to Read posts here.

Queens of Infamy: Josephine Bonaparte, from Martinique to Merveilleuse

I love a bit of Long Reads and I espeically love the Queens of Infamy series from Anne Thériault. The mix of history and storytelling makes for a compelling and interesting read without feeling like the history element has been dumbed down and flat. If you haven’t read any of these long reads, definitely do. You won’t regret it.

Anna Sorokin And Our Obsession With The Seductive Scam Artist

Pandora Sykes is one of my favourite journalists and I found myself as obsessed as she was with the Anna Sorkin scam trial in the States. I don’t know why, it just fasinated me that someone could get away with it and con so many people. This piece is a great bit of commentary on our obession with a con and why this story captured so many peoples attention.

When Sheerluxe met Violette, beauty star of Instagram

You can’t beat a bit of Sheerluxe and when I saw that they had talked with French, New York based makeup artist Violette I squealed with joy. Who doesn’t want to know the secrets to that effortless Parisan chic-ness (definitely a word…)

Caroline O’Donoghue ‘Sentimental Garbage’ Podcast

While on my umpteenth search for new podcasts I came across Sentimental Garbage from writer Caroline O’Donoghue. So what is Sentimental Garbage all about I hear you ask? This is, as Caroline says, a podcast about chic lit. Caroline interviews other authors about books they’ve loved in the genre.

If you are in the market for intelligent, witty, feminist conversation without it being flat and stale then look no further. A big takeaway from the episodes I’ve listened to – don’t be scared or ashamed to enjoy chic lit.


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