Links to Read #13

I tell myself that I will keep up with the Links to Read posts on a weekly basis but I just haven’t this time, I have no excuse but I hope you can all forgive me??

A lot of my reading time has been taken up by reading actual books rather than online articles recently, mostly because I have started a book that I love – more on this below. It is a sign of a good book when you choose to focus on that rather than the vast amounts of online articles available. There might also be some not reading related recommendations in there because sharing is caring my friends.

The Links

Sobering Thoughts by Lukasz Wierzbowski

This is an article from The Sunday Times Style from December about being
sober, the benefits and the trials. At the time I was aware of the volume I
drank but didn’t want to change it – long story short, I was drinking far far
too much rather than addressing issues – since the beginning of April I have
vastly cut down my alcohol consumption. Don’t get me wrong, I still drink but it is less and out of enjoyment with friends or family rather than to numb the thoughts. Dramatic much, Emma!

I loved this article, it is relatable and thought provoking without being patronising. The fact there are different peoples stories of cutting down/giving up drinking allows for a more balanced narrative as well as highlighting that different people drink for different reasons. There are also some great recommendations for further reading and listening which is always helpful when you have found an article interesting or useful.

Turn up Charlie on Netflix

I am forever in search of new TV programmes to watch inbetween Real Housewives episodes. A friend at work told me about Turn up Charlie and after 10 minutes of episode 1 I was hooked. Staring Idris Elba as an out of work DJ and eternal bachelor, Turn up Charlie is funny while being charming. It is a really easy watch of 20 minute episodes, perfect if you don’t want to commit to a longer show but still watch something good.

Sha**ged Married Annoyed podcast from Chris & Rosie Ramsey

You can’t beat a good podcast and I am always on the lookout for a new one. Step forward Sha**ed Married Annoyed from Chris and Rosie Ramsey. Hilarious is an under statement, a big understatement. This is perfect to pop on in the background while you cook your tea or are getting ready however be warned listening to this in public is not advised. I have found myself laughing on the bus a few too many times…

Fathers Day and Moonpig

Fathers Day is just around the corner and I have been loving the offerings from Moonpig. I always struggle to find something for my dad that is different from the usual gifts but is also something he will enjoy. Step forward the Moonpig hampers! This one, kindly sent to me, is packed full of sweet and savoury treats that I know my dad will love. I am going to add a few blocks of cheese and a bottle of red wine and it will be a perfect gift for Fathers Day for Papa RDP. 

The Unquiet Heart by Kaite Welsh
This is the second in the Sarah Gilchrist series and I was beyond excited about this release. I picked up the first book, Wages of Sin just by chance and loved every page of it so much so that I have leant it out to numerous people.

Set in Edinburgh in 1890s, the books follow Sarah Gilchrist in her endeavours at medicial school after fleeing London in disgrace. I won’t give too much away but this is a perfect summer holiday read. A great plot to follow, a bit of murder mystery a bit of romance and a bit of history!

Olay becomes first major skincare brand to trial refillable packs


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