Links to Read #14

Another late Links to Read post, maybe I should just give in and say it won’t be weekly because clearly, I’m not doing well at getting it in weekly.

I have been in a bit of a book hangover recently, following finishing up “The Unquiet Heart” by Kaite Welsh. I just can’t wait for book three and haven’t been able to concentrate on getting my teeth into another book. Although I am of the belief that sometimes you just need a break from reading, a bit of mushy brain time if you will. So, I’ve been watching a lot – read: more than is good for me – of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Anyway, this past week I actually went to see Kaite Welsh in conversation at Waterstones on Princes Street. She spoke alongside Elizabeth Macneal who has just published her debut novel “The Doll Factory.” It was a really interesting evening and I obviously left with a copy of “The Doll Factory” because who doesn’t love a Victorian crime thriller?!

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Sophie Milner at Fashion Slave on The art of pushing people away

This post on Fashion Slave was one that I could really relate to because I’m very guilty of pushing people away. You know when you get to that point of dating someone and then you suddenly let out an internal scream of ruawayyyy! That is what this post is about. Sophie is honest in this post about her actions in pushing people away when things start to edge towards the serious when it comes to dating. When there is a minuscule chance of getting hurt, that is when the Nike Runners come out and off she shoots. I’ve done just that – metaphorical Nike Runners on because well I don’t run and have no desire to.

It is thought provoking, honest and most of all relatable. Sophie has a chatty, friendly style of writing without coming across as she holding back so you don’t get a full understanding but doesn’t overshare on details that probably aren’t important.

Pier Domingeuz Have “The Real Housewives” Peaked?

Although this article is from 2017 and there probably a little out of date, it is still an interesting read for Real Housewives fans out there. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been watching a lot of Orange County at the moment. I will proudly say I am a massive Real Housewives fan. I’ve watched almost all the franchise bar a few – DC, why bother with 1 season?! And I love it. It is my ‘don’t need to think too much’ pleasure and I enjoy it.

Alongside all the drama from friendships falling apart and falling back together. Marriage breakdowns. Charity events. Birthday parties. Cast trips! Every series gives a new dynamic and a new storyline to follow. Not to mention the fact that I love seeing the varying styles across cities – the difference in dress sense between Dallas and New York or between Beverly Hills and Orange County. As well as the changing styles across the seasons, 00s fashion was interesting.

What was life like as a 19th Century servant?

I love a bit of history reading and History Extra is one of my top stops when I’m looking for a wee history read.

I’m always curious to learn a bit more of times gone by and have a bit of a fascination with the 19th century. As much as I love all the glamour and glitz of above stairs, below stairs intrigues me. These people lived to serve the upstairs and spent most, if not all, of their weeks doing so. This is a really fascinating read into a standard day for a 19th century servant. If you like a bit of history, it is one to have a read of.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day – Lily Allen

You can’t beat a good podcast and How to Fail with Elizabeth Day is one of my favourites.

The latest episode I listened to was with Lily Allen. When Lily Allen first came onto the scene, I really like a lot of her music but then she fell off my radar as I grew up and my tastes changed. I had seen her ‘In the bathroom’ with Sali Hughes and enjoyed listening to her speak about her life (and her beauty products) that I thought I’d give this a go.

First of all, Lily Allen is so articulate. Much more so than I initially thought, she is also sharp and witty all the while being able to make a joke about herself.

This podcast series is great, hearing about people you deem to be successful talk about what they consider to be their failures is an interesting take. It makes you think about the bigger picture a bit more and makes you realise that one man’s failure may not be another mans.

Next on my list is to pick up Elizabeth Day’s book of the same name.

Other episodes I’ve enjoyed: Jamie Laing, and Vicky McClure


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