Links to Read #15

And it is that time of the week again – Links to read!

As always, not all of the links are ones that can be read persay but you can pop your Alexa on and listen to them which is just as good, no? And one you can watch…

How to Fail with Elizabeth day and guest Vicky McClure

Another week, another episode of How to Fail with Elizabeth Day. What can I say, it is a great podcast! You probably know Vicky McClure from Line of Duty or This is England ’90 and in this episode she talks about her struggles to find acting jobs. She comes across really down to earth and definitely not one that is taken with all the glitz and glam of being famous.

Daisy Buchanan “I tried to stop eating my feelings and now I have too many feelings”

I first heard about this piece from Daisy Buchanan on The High Low podcast and went off to seak it out almost instantly. I love this piece. Love it! I can totally related to the sentiment behind this article. I am on a weightloss journey after putting on quite a lot of weight from excessive drinking and eating. I’ve changed my eating habits, upped my exercise and most of all I have seriously cut down my drinking. Like Daisy I was using alcohol as (although she used food more) as a way to hide from feelings and issues that I needed to work out. Bad day, get pissed. One part of the article that I particularly like is this one, that I am not even going to bother paraphrasing because it is so good.

In so many pounds, I’ll be done, and then I can learn the bass guitar and buy new kitchenware and pitch for the work I want and finish reading Anna Karenina. But facts aren’t feelings. My weight will always be a number. It will not make me any more competent, successful or musical. However, I do know that I didn’t lose the weight in a week, and I won’t finish Anna Karenina in one sitting. If we want to bring our imaginary future selves to life, we have to keep rising to meet them. There is no accomplishment that will cure us of being human. We can do anything, as long as we abandon the expectation that our achievements will protect us from feeling anything.

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Beecham House

Hear me out on this one before you compltely write it off!

It isn’t historically accurate and probably isn’t the best bit of TV you will watch this year but for a period drama on a Sunday night it is quite good watching, if you take it as face value.

Two words for you, Tom Bateman. Hello.

What Amy Did – Four Mistakes I’ve Made As A Bloggers

I think all bloggers go through a period where they doubt themselves or buying a fancy, expensive camera because they feel they need to succeed in blogging. Amy’s post is very honest and if you are a blogger – new or old – you will definitely relate to her four ‘mistakes.’ Worth a read if you are feeling a bit lost and out of your depth in the blogging world.


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