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Links to Read #8

Wednesday is here which means a brand spanking new Links to Read. Thrilling.

Another post that features an image including Everything I know about love, it is just so photogenic – don’t worry I will try to be more creative with images…

As Storm Emma caused all kinds of snow chaos and a few snowdays I obviously had a lot of time to read article after article all the while nursing laringytis – last week was a great week – so I thought I would make a bumper edition of links to read but then I rethought it. I don’t want to drown you in links to great articles so I kept it to the regular number. A lot that didn’t get included I have shared on Twitter so if you fancy finding more articles head over there.

Sarah Biddlecombe for Stylish – Why the key to career success is to ‘fail it forward’

Lily Peschardt for The Pool – Mike Pence hopes to end legal abortion “in our time”


Holly Riordan for Thought Catalog – My Anxiety Convinces Me That Everyone Hates Me

Dolly Alderton Love Stories with Cosmo Landesman – Listen here

Product of the week: Loreal Nail Polish in Cafe du Nuit (116)

What have you been reading this week? On or offline – I’ll read anything with an openmind.


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