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Links to Read (Volume 6)

I took yet another posting break, this was totally unplanned and resulted because I basically got really busy really quickly. It happens but now I have managed to get a hold on my time management (trying to work on that) I have found a little window to sit myself down and to write up a post that has been sitting in my drafts for probably too long. Like I say every Links to Read post, the amount of content I read online on a daily basis is huge and there are so many great columnists, journalists and bloggers out there that to not share it would just be plain rude.

NY Times : The Ivanka Trump Guarantee

Coverage on teh Trump administration has been prett yregular since the day that he took office and I have become really interested in relationship between Ivanka Trump and her father as well as her in general. In my opinion, she is more dangerous than her father and this piece from the New York Times really sums up her attitude towards “civilians”

Olivia Palermo talks to Cosmopolitan editor Farrah Storr at the Cosmopolitan Self Made Event

Most gals in their late 20s remember the excitement of new episodes of The Hills and The City hitting on MTV filled screens on a Sunday evening so none of us are strangers to Olivia Palermo and her excellent eye for fashion and style. Following her ‘bitchy girl’ role in The City Olivia has gone onto sketch out a pretty strong career. With partnerships with brands like Ciate and launching her own site, she has been pretty busy. I hadn’t heard her speak all that often but this interview from the Cosmo Self Made event is pretty interesting; Palermo discusses her work ethic, how she works with her team and her love for fashion.

A Girl, Obsessed – How to never run out of blog post ideas

Every blogger knows that feeling of sitting, staring at a blank blog post edit screen with no clue what to type. There are just no words. A Girl, Obsessed has us covered with a comprehensive list of things to blog about so you will never have days of staring at a blank screen again!

Marie Phillips for The Pool “True happiness is elusive, but I’ve learnt to work towards health instead”

The Pool is always open and honest and this article from Marie Phillips is no different. There is a great message in there that you can’t forever keep thinking well when this happens then I will be truly happy. It is a real eye opener of an article in my opinion and one that really makes you think.

From Roses – Hey, It’s Ok…

What I love about this post by From Roses is that is relatable. We have all sat in the poisiton before of thinking we must be a failure because we can’t do something when in actual fact it is fine that you can’t do it or that you don’t have 30+ friends – it is ok.

What have you been reading lately?


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