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Lusting: March

Some days it feels like Spring and this brings me way too much joy. Autumn is a favourite of mine but the dank, dark and damp Winter days just don’t work for me. I hate being cold and am essentially always cold no matter how many layers I put on so a little bit of Spring brightness makes me very chipper.

The last week or so I have been feeling very inspired (that sounds wanky) about clothes, you know how you go through phases where you are really into trying out different make up or about going to a specific gym class then it goes away and you become really into something else? That is what is happening to me right now with clothes. The fact that the shops are starting to get in Spring clothes goes in hand with this – great for me, not so great for my bank balance.

In my head I have an idea of what outfits I want to wear in Spring as over Autumn and Winter I’ve fallen into a bit of a black jeans, casual top rut. I am on the hunt for some dark blue mom jeans but jean shopping makes me want to chew my own arm off so I may need to wait till I am really in the mood for that trip. Anyway, dark blue mom jeans with a white blouse and a statement shoe. Lush life. Watch this space to see if I actually follow through with this lovely fantasy outfit.

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Topshop Sheer Stripe Tie Sleeve Top

Warehouse The Straight Cut Jean

Mango Flap tote bag

ASOS Relaxed blouse with utility styling

New Look Embroidered loafer

River Island Black ruched sleeve button blazer

Topshop Gina V-Cut Flare Block heels

Warehouse Crepe Culottes

Daisy Street Oversized cowl neck jumper via ASOS


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