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MIC NY / Observations #1

Highlight: Spencer’s voice shaking when he spoke to Billie and Jamie pointing out to everyone. 

With a new season of Made in Chelsea kicking off last night, I felt inspired to jot down a few observations regarding episode 1 of what looks to be a bloody amazing series!! (Way too excited for this, way too excited.)

1. Stressful brunches. #nightmare — anyone that has had the unfortunate luck of experiencing a stressful brunch, I feel for you. I really do. It must be so hard to combine two of the three meals of the day AND deal with unwanted drama.

2. How easily do these people get dates?! — They literally meet each other, 25 seconds later they are arranging to meet up on Tuesday for brunch. Do people normally organise dates this fast? Am I missing something? Is this why I am single? *Googles flats in Chelsea* 

3. Drinking at a party or in a bar yet no one gets steaming. Ever. — If this was my friends, someone would be at the mumbling can’t form sentences stage. Someone would be crying or spewing (maybe both if it’s a good night.) Someone would be pulling some boy in the kitchen that they have no idea who the hell they are. And there would probably be a whole lot of ‘Babes. Babes. I love you.’  Note: These are probably all me across different stages of the night. 

Maybe they aren’t at a real party with real drinks… That noise you just heard, that was my heart breaking at the realisation that the programme isn’t actually real!

4. So much cock/vag blocking — What happened to wing men?? Supporting your friend in their quest for their genital of choice, doesn’t seem to be the done thing any more.

I hope you enjoyed this insightful look into Sunday night TV and the magical land of Made in Chelsea.

Happy Monday — if a happy Monday is actually possible


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