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MIC NYC / Observations #2

Highlight: Spencer’s drip noise. 100% the best drip impressions ever. Props to Spenny.

It’s week two of MIC NYC, this really is making my Sunday’s bearable and distracting me from the impending week a head. If you missed week one’s observations they can be found here MIC NYC / Observations #1

1. How much does Rosie’s blind date reminded you of Alec Baldwin as Parker in Friends. Anyone? 
       Parker: I wanna take a mental picture of you all – “click”
       Chandler: I don’t think the flash went off

2. Riley just got up… with a crap load of eye liner on and perfect hair, really?! 

3. Lack of watching a heart broken friend. “Where’s Binky?” Rosie looks round in a lost manner, no one else moves. Surely, someone should at least be keeping tabs on her… just to be sure. 

4.The intensity of Jamie’s’ anger and hurt towards Alex. You can’t do that to Jamie! Maybe Binky and Jamie should consider some sort of We Hate Mitten club together. 

5. Spencer’s face when Alex leaves Jamie and his flat. That was a bitchy face that is up there with the Lucy classics. Watch out, Lucy. You may have competition.

Yet another insightful look in MIC. Hope you enjoyed,

Happy Monday!


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