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Modern power dressing

“Dress shabbily and they notice the dress. Dress impeccably and they notice the woman.”

We’ve all seen Working Girl, right? If not, first off all why not?!

Here is a very brief plot summary. Melanie Griffith plays the secretary with big ambitions, who steals her bosses identity and job role along with her killer power dressing wardrobe of suits and cocktail dresses. Suits complete with the classic 80s shoulder pads. Naturally.

Working Girl is a film I love, it is humourous yet empowering. If a little far fetched. A working class gal that wants to suceed, potentially she doesn’t go about it in the right way but the message is there nonetheless. Power dressing is one of my favourite things and I am not alone, I have a handful (if not more) of girl friends that enjoy the power of getting dressed up. Why does dressing in certain clothes give you a strength and confidence that you didn’t know you posessed?

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I think we have all experinced the euophoria of putting on an outfit or an item that instantly makes you feel sassy, powerful and uber confident. I for one, love that feeling. You feel like the best version of yourself and that no matter what the day throws at you it won’t be an issue. Overtime power dressing has definitly changed. Gone are the heavy shouldered skirt suits of the 80s, this is partly due to a more relaxed way of business dress being acceptable now. The company I work for you can pretty much wear whatever you want, I like to opt for dressy-casual. Somedays going for a little more dressy and others a little more casual depending on how I am feeling. I think if I turned up in a full on skirt suit I would potentially get looked at like I had lost my mind!

Power dressing is more about wearing something you feel 100% comfortable in and yourself. It is a true representation of who you are the the person you want to put out to your peers. There is no better feeling than getting dressed and going out feeling like a right sassy gal, am I wrong? There are so many platforms (both on and offline) for put downs to be hurled at us today that being able to feel confident from dawn till dusk in that leopard print biker and brush off the nasty comments is a great thing, in my opinion. The comments are irrelevant when they are hurled without any constructive content or by people that are showing the green eyed monster but the way you feel about yourself is not irrelevant.

If wearing polka dot cullottes with Stan Smiths makes you feel like an empowered, sassy gal then bloody well do it!

5 of my favourite power dressing pieces

A red lip

A well cut, classic blazer

A shirt dress

A black heel that fits your style, doesn’t hurt and you can walk in all day without sore feet

A pencil skirt


5 of my favourite power dressing females

Diane Lockhart, Alicia Florack and Lucca Quinn in The Good Wife/The Good Fight*

Stella McCartney

Alessandra Steinherr

Sali Hughes

Donna in Suits

*This counts as one

What is Modern power dressing to you? What makes you feel all sassy and can’t handle anything? Who are your power dressing inspirations?



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