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Most used make up brushes

When it comes to make up brushes there are ones that you pick up everyday because you know that they work for you and ultimately give you the results you want. If you are applying your everyday make up, you don’t want to be messing about with new brushes when really you just need to get out the door to work so looking at your most used make up brushes gives you a really clear idea as to what brushes are actually your favourites.


DSC01296Every application of foundation features the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Every single application. This little beauty comes as part of the core collection and is definitely a holy grail brush in mu opinion. Used alongside my Loreal True Match foundation I get a natural, even finished that doesn’t look cake-y at all. The brush allows for you to build up the product shouldwant or need a little more coverage maybe over problem areas. You might think “eep I only really want the buffing brush” but the other brushes in the core collection really are great brushes for everyday use plus you get four great brushes for £21.99! Think of those Boots points!

Sadly the Claudia Winkleman for Marks & Spencers Smudge stick was limited edition over Christmas but I managed to snap up two of them to satisfy my need for a smudged out black eye day in day out. I have a very strong dislike of the smudgy sponge bits you get on the top of your eyeliner. If you want a truly smudged out eye look then you need to get yourself a proper smudge stick, you can’t mess about when it comes to black eye liner.What I love about the smudge stick from Claudia is that it is dense so you have lots of control when smudging and it has a good sized handle on it making smudging and precision a whole lot easier. As the brush says – it is never enough. Never a wiser word said. You can find a similar here

Real Techniques Your Base/Flawless Miracle Complexion Sponge maybe not technically be a brush but it is definitely a most used application device (that’s what they are called right?) in my make up routine. I used the complexion sponge to pat in my concealer and foundation so that it is all really nicely blended together and doesn’t look like I’ve just thrown some products at my face and hoped for the best. The sponges last a good 6 months with regular washes and daily use but after that they can become a bit done looking. I always repurchase these because I know it works wonders at keeping my base make up looking natural and as flawless as my not so flawless face can look. You can also buy a double pack should you find true love with the complexion sponge.



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