My mum

It is Merry Maw Day so I hope you have all suitably spoiled the motherly figure in your life.

This year I wasn’t physically with mama F but I’m sure she isn’t that bothered. Generally when we are together I ply her with gin, urge her to pop open that bottle of Prosecco she has had in the fridge since the last time I was home and sing Rod Stewart songs at her in a Western accent. Note: I don’t understand why my accent goes Western during my truly moving rendition of Maggie May but alas it does. I digress.

My mum is a wonderful creature. That little blonde lady of 5’5(ish) knows me inside out, probably she knows too much. Does your mother need to hear about the fact boys think sending dick pics is sexy? Probably not but she knows and is suitably horrified.

Although she is a worrier and gets herself worked up about things that probably will never happen (a trait of both my parents, cheers guys for making me twice the worrier) she is also a fiercely strong, intelligent and loving person. No matter what mishap I have found myself in she will take it upon herself to be supportive and honest while also being reasonable to the point of telling you to get a grip which sometimes is just what you need when you are wallowing in self-pity!

The strength my mum has is something that is hugely valuable within my family unit. Following the events of December 2016 where the house my dad had lived in since 1960, had been the home myself and my older brother had grown up in and ultimately was the place our beloved Jack Russell, George succumbed to smoke inhalation I really saw the true strength and willpower of my mum. The sheer tenacity of one Valerie Fisken to get the family settled in temporary accommodation and to be in a position to have a Christmas together that was as enjoyable as it could be made me proud. Despite the fact that she was   ultimately heartbroken and trying to come to terms with the shock and realisation of the events, she got up every day and made the best of a shit situation. She supported my dad in the way that only a wife of 28 years could, there was nothing that caused my dad to feel suffocated or that he was being forced to be strong and move on. They know each other better than they know themselves probably and were able to pick each other up when it was needed and without the other having to ask.

Whenever something is playing on my mind but I am bottling it up, mama F is always the first one to get the information out of me and to help me address it. Even if it is in a text message, the woman knows if something is up! How, I do not know. She just does.

I love my mum dearly. She is a wonderful woman that makes me laugh, gives me advice and home truths that are potentially not what I want to hear. She may be my mum but she is also one of my best friends and is just a bloody great gal! So great that when we meet nursery children that she looks after outside of her work and scream her name down the aisles of Tesco, I swear I have seen a wave of jealousy cross those little people’s faces because she is my mum. Sorry, I don’t want to share her little people.

What other peoples mums mean to them…

“She’s the first person there when I’m sick and the one person I need when I have any adulting questions. If I grow up to be half as loving, kind, strong and successful as my mum I’ll be happy. If I’m blessed to have children I hope they need me just a fraction of how much I need her.” Mairi Claire

“My Mum is called Dame Reenie Beavs (or Irene to her family). As her nickname indicates, she is pretty bloody fabulous. She had a long career as a Teacher for the Deaf and given how much her pupils still rave about her, did a damn good job. In addition to that, she was incredibly involved in local drama (which provided her “Dame” status) and raised me at a time when things weren’t particularly easy.

She is the most popular person I know – her friends spanning into the hundreds and wherever we go she spends the majority of time catching up with people she has bumped in to. She is such an inspiration and I love her to bits.” Mairi

“I know I’m really lucky when I can say that my mum is my best friend. She is the funniest and weirdest person I know! Her youthful spirit and positive energy over the years has taught me to think positively, lighten up and not to worry over trivial things. Not to mention the million things she helps me with through life’s random moments!

She can also forecast the weather better than Seán Batty and warns me of this every time I am defiant and leave the house without my umbrella!” Holli


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