Neutral Nail Polishes from Essie

Something strange has been happening recently…

I have been ompting for nail polishes that don’t fit into my usual darks or reds. Instead my little fingers and toes have been awash with neutral shades. Now when I say neutral, I’m not talking a subtle and understated sheer pink that the chic lady at my bus stop wears. I mean neutral in the sense that they are grey based. A neutral, yes but not the most neutral shade around. As my love for Essie continues to grow, I have ventured into the neutral land of polishes. Thrilling, I know. Any excuse to buy more nail polish really.

Two polishes have been holding the baton for neutral polishes as of late and let me tell you, I can’t get enough of them.

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So what are the two polishes that I have rambled on about but have yet failed to mention the name of? Wonder no more. Both are pretty strong cult shades in the beauty blogging world and have long since been staples in many a nail gals collection. I give you Cocktail Bling and Chinchilly from everyones favourite High Street nail brand.

Essie Cocktail Bling: A pale grey with undertones of lilac. This is a really flattering and understated shade on the fingers and toes. Looks great against both pale and darker skin tones and definitely isn’t an overpowering shade.

Essie Chinchilly: Compared to Cocktail Bling, Chinchilly is a much deeper and darker grey. In some lights this shade can look a little bit of a taupe shade but it is a true granite grey in most lights.

What are your favourite neutral nail polishes?



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