New Hair

If you have followed me on any of my social media for a while you will know that recently I have been growing out my pixie for the last 7-8 months. It was going well, I had what some may say is a jaw length mullet. I could get a teeny tiny pony tail and I could pin the back of my hair up. Grand.

After some thought and consideration as well as conversations with different people, I came to the conclusion that long hair wasn’t for me. It is all about the pixie for me. So I chopped it off again.



When I went to the hair dresser, who has heard me so many times say I was growing out my hair, I took along a couple of pictures of the pixie that I wanted. Mostly of Frankie Sandford. She gave me exactly what I wanted. I am so happy that I got my hair cut to a pixie cut again, I just feel like me with it!



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