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Nude Lipsticks

From time to time I will rock out a bold lip, normally a matte red if we are being honest, but day to day I almsot always opt for a nude lipstick. They go with everything, are pretty low maintenance and make a nice balance between my black eye liner. Plus there are so great nude lipsticks out there. The MAC Alessandra lipstick would definitly be included in the top 4 however it is limited edition and there is nothing worse than not being able to get a product that you like the look of.

When it comes to a nude I always lean towards a pink based shade rather than a brown. I think it is a little bit more flattering but that is a personal opinion. For lipsticks, I normally stick to High Street because a lot of the time I just can’t justify £10+ on a little stick of nude delight. I will however splash the cash on a MAC lipstick or an offering from Charlotte Tilbury because they are bloody brilliant.

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GOSH Angel: I’ve written about Angel before which you can read here and to be honest my sentiments haven’t actually changed at all. It is still an everyday staple in my makeup collection and basically lives in my makeup bag.

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink: This is a relatively new lipstick in my collection but it is fast becoming a go-to. A matte nude that has great staying power and looks really flattering – what more could you want?!

L’Oreal JLos Nude: I think everyone in their right mind would kill to look like JLo but sadly I don’t so instead I opted for her nude lipstick to make me feel a little bit like Jenny from the block. Unlike the other lipsticks, this has a little bit of a shimmer through it and looks great with bronzed skin with a peach pop.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Don’t pink of it: I’ve wanged on about my love for the Bourjois Rouge Edition velvets too many times but they will forever be a staple product for me. Don’t pink of it is the only nude, neutral shade that I have from this line and it is on par with the other brighter lipsticks. This with a nude liner underneath is gorgeous, it hangs around all day and can be easily touched up without a mirror. Winning.

What are your favourite nude lipsticks?



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