Opinion: Being a good friend

What makes a good friend is entirely dependent on the expectations that you have for your friendships. No two friendships are the same. That is a fact. Different people in your life at different stages of your life mean varying things to you but there are some friends that see you through the many stages of your life. These are the friends that become your adulthood family members.

Being a good friends means that you support your friend in the good times, take them down a few pegs when they are getting a little too cocky and the most important aspect, in my opinion, you are able to be honest with each other. Nothing says security in a friendship like being comfortable enough to call each other out on their horse shit. I met my best friend in my first year of uni, I was invited to a party and need someone to go along with me so a then mutual friend suggest that I ask if she wanted to come along with me. She did and since then it has been near on 7 years of friendship. In those years we have been through a lot together from new relationships, those relationships ending to a fire, deaths in the family but it hasn’t all been doom and gloom we have had some great times together.


As a pair we have never actually had a proper, full blown not speaking to each other falling out. Sure we get on each others nerves from time to time (her on mine more than me on hers – naturally) and have had many a drunken fight but at the end of the day this doesn’t effect the friendship. At the end of the day a good friend wants the best for you. They don’t want you to be with a cock end that manipulates you, makes you cry and is generally just not a good guy! A good friend will be there when you want to get your fleecy leggings on, eat your weight in Mexican food and drink gin on the couch, they will also be there when you want to go out to a bar and drink gin which could lead to you embarrassing yourself by trying to chat up the barman. Hey she’s your friend and if she is a good one she will be happy of the attention you are getting even if your chat up lines are a little bit cringe! She will encourage you because at the end of the day there are plenty of people out there that will want to criticise you for being too tall, too fat or too smart mouthed.

Five things a good friend does:

  • Lets you cry at her about your breakup and says if you are upset during the night come and wake me. Even though you both know she will not.
  • Honestly tells you if your outfit doesn’t look so great.
  • Understands your moods and feelings so lets you be in that place for a while.
  • Talks openly and honestly about private matters relating to lady areas. Thrush, pooping, sex, the hair/no hair debate.
  • Fake tans your back for you. How else can you get that gorgeous orange glow even on the hard to reach places?!

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