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Opinion: The importance of a well fitting bra


Life lesson: a well fitting bra is pretty essential.

Recently I have lost some weight and as is the common occurance one of the places it goes from is ye olde lady lumps. While the lbs were coming off my bras were starting to feel bigger and bigger, I had a gap at the top of the cup and I just wasn’t feeling supported at all. (That might be TMI for some people but alas I don’t care! Sharing is caring.)

In my head I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether or not to go and get measured or not. Bras are expensive and getting your boobs out for a stranger to get measured can be a little bit awkward. We can all get passed the awkward factor for a well fitting bra.

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The benefits of having a well fitting bra massively out weight the negatives. You really don’t want the horrific looking 2 boob effect that a too small bra gives you and you definitely don’t want to be bouncing about all over the shop with straps that are too loose and not giving you any support. A well fitting bra will lift your lady lumps making you appear slimmer and will support you which in turn will mean that you feel less self conscious about whether your boobs are about to give you a black eye if you need to power walk for the bus.

Since getting a fitting I am 100% a well fitting bra representative. The feeling between a bra that is too big and putting one on that fits perfectly is something that can’t be beaten. Plus the right fitting bra will limit the sagging. Need I say more. When it comes to finding the best bra for you once you have been measured it is a little bit of a try and test game. Do you want under wired? Are you looking for padded or non-padded? It can seem like a bit of a mine field however the staff should be able to assist – they are the professionals in the bra game after all.


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