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Origins: A Review.


Last week I picked up 3 of the products from the Origins Oil Control range – the cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Basically my skin was playing up like nothing on earth and despite my best efforts nothing was sorting out the condition of it. Make up was making it look worse and my skin was painful. Finally, I bit the bullet and bought myself the only products that have really worked for me in the past.

The Oil Control range really does make your skin feel clean and fresh after a day of wearing make up but without being overly harsh and drying which is exactly what I was looking for. The scent isn’t over powering but there is quite a fresh scent to the products. A week into using these products and I am sold on them. I don’t know why I decided to take a step back from them. It really works for minimising my spots, clearing up blackheads and controlling the oil that my skin creates. Although it is pricey – these 3 products came to £62 but with a pea sized amount of the face wash my skin is clean and washed. A couple of dabs of toner on a cotton pad does my whole face and another pea sized amount of cleanser does for moisturising my whole face.

If you are having trouble with oily skin and the condition it is in, try this line. I have used the Spot remover pads in the past when my skin was having some localised breakouts and these are a great little product to use before bed. They exfoliate slightly and really get in and clean out your pores.


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