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Origins | Easy as 1, 2 , 3

My skin was in serious need of a little TLC. For whatever reason, my face was spotty, blotchy and sore and nothing was cutting the mustard in fighting the problem areas. Drastic action has to be taken.  After so um-ing and ah-ing I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the one thing that has saved my skin the past. Enter Origins Oil Control range.

I have used this range previously and it solved all my skin woes and made my skin feel clean like really clean – into my pores clean. It is wonderful stuff! Although it is pricey, I picked up the Cleanser, toner and moisturiser from the range. Used together AM and PM, your skin really feels refreshed without feeling like all the good has been stripped out your skin. I am still in the early days of getting back into this routine but after a couple of weeks I will update on the state of my skin. Hopefully I can report back and say that Origins has saved my skin once more. *Crosses fingers*


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