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The Essie Nude Nail Polish – Ladylike

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Essie nail polish. My collection is growing month on month and the latest addition was a nude polish which…

When it comes to nail polish I generally go for a dark or a red of some shape, a nude hasn't ever really been something that appeals to me. As I said, I was feeling inspired and wanted to take a look at the Essie stand to see if any of the nude shades jumped out at me. There were a few that I had seen on Pinterest that I wanted to see in real life and Ladylike polish was one of them. In the bottle and on the nails it is a really pretty, inoffensive colour. It isn't a bold shade and doesn't disrupt, on the nails it gives a manicured look without being too much. Ladylike is a neutral mauve shade with lilac base notes but they are definitely grown up notes. This isn't a pastel lilac, it is grown up and ladylike! Who would have thought.

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